What is our mission?

Our mission is to spread truly natural, cruelty-free and healthy products to as many people as possible and to be a positive moral and environmental example to other businesses.

Get to know us. Watch the video below (yes, the whole thing!)

Why do we come to work everyday?

We solve the biggest problems in personal care products. The vast majority on the market are not natural, those that say they are usually aren't, and are not economical or easy for most people. The majority of people are using products packed with unhealthy chemicals and ingredients that are simply not meant to be absorbed by the human body. Natural Vegan works to solve the health, cruelty, environmental and economical problems of the industry.

Who Are We?

Well, we're humans just like you. We started out as a small group of friends from Abbotsford, BC (the outskirts of Vancouver, Canada) making natural vegan products for ourselves, our friends and families. We've long since decided to make a larger impact and rise to meet the demand for our trade. When you become a client of ours we assume you into our family circle, and we treat you as such so please... we would enjoy hearing from you if you have any questions, requests, or just want to say hello :)

About The Team

Jaymie Friesen: Co-Founder

"I've grown up on the outskirts of Vancouver, always tending to start my own businesses - the count is at about 5 since the time I was 13. Now, 10 years later I've been to university for several subjects including electrical and physics and I've worked in the tech industry the past 3 years for some notable companies, as well as managed a large telecommunications SaaS business. After all those years and experiences with profiteers and business with lack of purpose I up and sold or shut down my companies, quit my job, sold everything I own, and decided to start the greenest health and wellness business in the world."

Hannah Christian: Co-Founder

"I grew up on the Sunshine Coast, BC, Canada, but moved to the Vancouver Area 10 years ago. I’ve been vegan for 2.5 years and in that time, my boyfriend and I have rescued a handicapped pig, a handicapped pitbull, a former stray cat, two hens, one rooster, and many pet rats. Since then, I’ve become very passionate about living a healthy, vegan lifestyle and want to help others live the same way, which led me here, starting a company that's going to set ethical standards for all others."

Get to Know Us More

Get to know Jaymie and Hannah's "whys", beliefs, who they look up to and what they love to do.