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Questions and answers

  • Where are our products made?

    We have multiple production locations. Our products are made by hand in Vancouver, Canada and also in our manufacturing facility in Macomb, Michigan, USA.

  • What is included in the free trial?

    The free trial usually includes a couple of different types of bars, lip balm, and a free gift. Currently we are out of lip balms so we are sending what we can and will resume with lip balms as soon as possible.
  • What are the liquid shampoo and conditioner containers made of?

    The pouches that our liquid products come in do not biodegrade but they are recyclable. We have zero-waste options for all of our products in bar format (i.e. shampoo bar). The pouches are only used for those who want traditional liquid format. We're proud to say 80% of our customers are zero-waste! The spout bags are currently the best option on the market due to their being 90% less plastic, lighter and more malleable, lowering plastic use and carbon footprint for logistics. *We are working the worlds first compostable paper bottle. We are on our second draft prototype. You're support will help us achieve this!*
  • What are the toothbrush bristles made of?

    The bristles are made of bamboo as well as the toothbrush itself :)
  • Which items are zero-waste?

    All items are zero waste besides the liquid products in spout pouches. There is more information on the Zero Waste Packaging page under About. When ordering a box or bundle you will get a form via email after you order where you will choose zero-waste or traditional. If no choice is made we send zero-waste. If you’re ordering individual products, the liquid products are not zero waste (i.e. liquid shampoo, liquid conditioner, etc) but everything else is and we have zero-waste options for all of our products. If you need any help please let us know!
  • How does the free trial work?

    Please check out the Free Samples page for a thorough explanation of the free trial offer. Essentially you sign up if you think you might want to become a customer, and we send you free samples first that you can test out and cancel if you don't like. If you do like the products then we send you out a box 14 days after you sign up for a free trial and give you all the benefits of a member. Members get a discount, free shipping, one-to-one customer support (like a personal shopper), loyalty points to redeem for free items, and the odd free products thrown into your box.
  • How does the membership work?

    Please check out the Memberships page for a more thorough explanation. Essentially members get a discount, free shipping, one-to-one customer support (like a personal shopper), loyalty points to redeem for free items, and the odd free product thrown into your box. You can set your own billing periods, what's in your box, and we always send email notifications before we ship you something to make sure you want it and it contains what you need.