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Founder, CEO

Hannah lives on the outskirts of beautiful Vancouver, BC with her partner Steven (our talented web developer) and their many rescue animals. Her journey to veganism and a conscious lifestyle had her creating her own products for many years because nothing suited her standards — recipes which are still the base of our products today.


Customer Service & All Around Guru

Keith and Jaymie worked closely together during their software days and are excited to be back on a team! Keith has a background working with many service teams and embodies our customer service values simply by being a super friendly dude and a kind soul. Keith also keeps us running smoothly helping with management and data. It's likely you'll talk to Keith if you reach out to us!


Shipping & Fulfilment

China works with the DeCaro team at our fulfillment centre in Macomb, Michigan. She’s the one in charge of organizing our finished product, packing up the boxes and making sure you get them! She’s a big part of our customer experience making sure every box is correct, looks good and is shipped out fast. 


Digital Media & Creative

Growing up on a dairy farm ending up living a conscious plant-based lifestyle… an electrician by trade turned locally renowned cinematographer — this guy isn’t new to values and ambition and embodies everything Natural Vegan stands for. With past clients like John Deere, LiveKindly, Philips and United Way we’re lucky to have him on board. He’s created his dream life with his fiance Tess and his baby dog Jasper and is now helping our team reach ours.


Product Formulations

Kim’s expertise are in product formulation. She takes Hannah’s exciting new creations and base recipes into the lab and puts the science behind them to make them that much better. She bridges the gap between our out-of-the-box creativity and actually bringing products to the production line.


Web Developer

Steven, Hannah’s partner in life, is a programmer for large software products but graces us with his expertise anytime we need custom site developments. Steven also lives a conscious plant-based lifestyle. In his rarely found spare time he and Jaymie are working on a side project to create a self sustaining community of 70+ members on their 160 acre off-grid lot in British Columbia, Canada.